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Pierce County deserves Judges with balanced experience and a record of community service.

John Cummings has an unmatched breadth of legal experience including both civil and criminal cases. As a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, he handled the most jury trial in the office in 2017 and 2018. He’s prosecuted everything from traffic violations to child trafficking, including some of the most heinous murders with the most vulnerable victims.

As an expert civil litigator, he works to ensure that everyone is entitled to safe and fair workplace conditions. Across his civil and criminal experience, John has taken more than 100 trials to jury. With his experience as a pro tem Judge, we can trust John to be a fair and impartial jurist with an unwavering commitment to Justice.


2017 - Awarded by Former Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor

Legal Experience

  • Pro tem Judge, Lakewood Municipal Court

  • Pro tem Judge, Thurston County District Court

  • Civil Litigator, Partner, Eisenhower Carlson PLLC

  • Former Civil Litigator, at McGavick Graves, Comfort Davies Smith & Crawford, and Gordon Thomas Honeywell

  • Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office

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